Sheffield Wednesday crest change: Fans reaction

The decision to phase in a new club crest by Sheffield Wednesday owner Dejphon Chansiri has been met with a largely positive response from Owls supporters.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 24th January 2016, 4:32 pm
Updated Sunday, 24th January 2016, 8:14 pm
Fans reaction to the Sheffield Wednesday crest change
Fans reaction to the Sheffield Wednesday crest change

It has been revealed that the club will revert back to a traditional crest, harking back to the original, first used in the 1950s.


While many fans were surprised by news of the switch, most, though certainly not all, were happy with the change, which will see the crest emblazoned on next season's shirts.

Here are some views by Owls fans online following the announcement:

Owls owner Dejphon Chansiri


@SteveHutton79 - New #swfc badge looks great. Fantastic idea to celebrate club's 150th anniversary by using traditional design.

@DonAlfieGarnett - Absolutely buzzing for the new badge! #swfc #olderbiggerbetter

@Fox1990Fox - I like the new crest, traditional, plus it's in line with our 150th aniversary! #swfc

Owls owner Dejphon Chansiri

@lukeMrawlings - Love the new badge, could've been worse Chansiri could've pulled a Cardiff. #swfc

@MightyWednesday - Loving the Yorkshire symbol on the new badge! Think it puts across our dominance in Yorkshire perfectly!

@26LR179 - #swfc "new" badge is just the old badge from 50s-60s,but i like it. Needs "150 years of football" embroidering somewhere though.

@lauracosta_13 - New crest is beautiful. As if I need another reason to buy more merchandise from the online club store. haha #swfc

@stevecraine - Happy with the crest, classy and retro. DC showing respect to clubs history in what he's picked #swfc

@danhennell - I'll miss the 70's owl I grew up with but not going to lie I really like the original '56 crest, hope the new kit does it justice #swfc

Not so happy...

@conorbrown19 - That new badge is horrendous #Swfc

@lucyfairbank - Absolutely hate the new owls crest #why #swfc

@Maplo16 - Unpopular opinion but I'm not keen on the 'new' old crest. But the majority seem pleased with the change

@JoeWebb5 - Hi @swfc who did you take advice from to choose that badge? #swfc #newbadge #rubbish

@Cboy1874 - Do not like the new Wednesday badge at all #swfc

@garethkinneavy - Sorry but that is terrible! Should 100% keep it as it is. Shocking

Not bothered...

@Fxrestieri - Not even going to complain, it isn't new really is it #swfc

@D4NI3LRyan - Chansiri is the reason we are where we are now, the crest is still blue & white and as long as the players give 100% that'll do me

@JamieSmith1911 - I don't care what the badge looks like as long as the players play for club it represents.

@CraigoBuzz - I don't hate the new/old crest but I don't love it either. I was happy with the existing one but at least it means something to us

@Majortarantino - He bought Forestieri for our team. He can do whatever the **** he wants to the badge

@mattywynne - Not too sure how fussed I am about a badge design so long as every single player gives 100% for it!