Sheffield Wednesday column: Look at the positives - a top 10 position and a sense of calm at S6

A sense of calm at Hillsborough?
A sense of calm at Hillsborough?
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Mindfulness. It’s a mental state where you focus on the present moment. It’s a way of dealing with the blues.

Sound a bit hippy dippy?

Well after a sweltering summer of little news coming out of S6, more goings and no comings and so many Wednesdayites getting their knickers in a knot about literally nothing, it’s time we stop looking back.

Lets spend a couple of hundred words focussing on Sheffield Wednesday’s present state.

Take a deep breath.

On paper we still have a very good squad. Forestieri, Bannan, Westwood, Reach, Hooper are experienced Championship players who are capable of a promotion push.

In the present moment, they are injury free and ready for the season. A hopeful sign.

What changed this season are the clubs around us. Under Mr Chansiri we unexpectedly leapt over clubs who were seen as promotion contenders.

We invested, challenged and failed.

Now we’re the ones being leapt over. Forest have been spending, the three relegated Premier League clubs are looking strong, Brentford, Derby, Preston, Middlesbrough have all strengthened.

In the present moment, we have stagnated in comparison to other Championship clubs.

It could be because we’re under a transfer embargo, no one seems to be entirely sure. This moves me on to the next thought, speculation.

Speculation doesn’t do any one any good.

The club gets a negative reaction from the fans from lack of clarification and the fans become negative about the local press not getting the answers from the club that they crave. It’s a perpetual state of negativity.

In the present moment, we don’t have the answers but let’s wait instead of speculating.

Now that the Hirst saga has been dealt with, what we can be sure of is we have one of the best Academy’s in the league.

The strength and depth of our youth players is a tribute to the effort that has been put in by The Owls.

In the present moment, if there is a transfer embargo, then we have good, young, hungry players that can step up.

What would a good season look like?

A top ten finish, financial future clarified, a sense of calm and no looking back.