'Sheffield Wednesday as a club do many good things for deserving people and causes'

B Jones, I was very surprised to hear that you 'can't afford the high expense of attending' matches at Hillsborough as most pensioners/concessions would agree they get very reasonable ticket prices.

I would hazard a guess they are now relatively cheaper than they were 20/30 years ago.

Senior citizens season tickets begin at approximately £12 per match which is cheaper than at your club, (SUFC).

Sheffield Wednesday as a club do many good things for deserving people and causes, much, much more than leaving a door open.

I am a pensioner and would prefer to listen to Owls away matches on Radio Sheffield but most of the younger supporters manage to get report/streams by some other methods which escape me.

Can’t find a postage stamp. Don’t we all use emails these days? WAWAW.

P Gladwin

Sheffield, S20

Care unit fundraiser

Worrall Male Voice Choir was recently joined by Bolsterstone and New Mill Male Voice Choirs together with Loxley Silver Band in Sheffield Cathedral to commemorate the life of their chairman Mark Rotchell.

The concert, in aid of the Critical Care Unit at the Northern General Hospital raised £1,200 and a retiring bucket collection raised another £398.64.

Ian Pasley

Secretary Worrall Male Voice Choir

Branded a racist

I must agree with Linda Mary Luke, (Your Say, Friday, August 31), regarding her comments on refugees getting priority to council housing.

Where I live, out of seven properties five of them have gone to immigrants or refugees. You can’t tell me that there are no white families wanting three-bedroom properties, but if you speak out you are branded a racist.

I don’t know why but the council group these immigrants together because they want to live among their fellow countrymen. Well, that’s what I and my fellow neighbours want but our wishes are just ignored.

A gang culture is being created on this estate. Albeit they are only from eight to around 13 years old, but they are already going round in gangs creating trouble. White children also run with them too.

If someone is in dire need of a roof over their head they should get one and not people who travel thousands of miles through safe countries just to get a council house, benefit-paid accommodation and benefits, claiming they would be killed if they stayed in their own countries.

Yet some of these refugees go back to their home countries on holiday, very strange indeed.

Vin Malone

Gleadless Valley, S14

Catalina flying boat

Earlier this summer, those of us in the south of the city, at least, were treated to the iconic sight and sound of a Hurricane and Spitfire doing a long, low figure of eight over the fields and houses of Mosborough and Ridgeway, presumably as part of the RAF’s promise to bring the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, or at least part of it, to the four corners of the UK during their 100 years’ celebrations.

As this happened on the same day that the Ridgeway Carnival was in full swing then perhaps it also had something to do with someone there pulling in a favour, who knows.

What was an even greater surprise though was yesterday evenings, (Thursday, August 30), sighting of the unmistakeable shape, (as a kid I had the Revell model kit), of a Catalina Flying Boat wending its weary way, low and slow, up Mosborough Moor in a roughly north-westerly direction.

Although this aircraft is a World War II era icon in its own right, it’s difficult to imagine any plane more far removed from the Battle of Britain than this.

To save me the trouble of waking Google yet again, could any plane buffs among your readers enlighten me as to where the Catalina would be going to/from on the day in question, and where might it be based?

N Butler

Mosborough, S20

Bags don’t go free

You pay £2.60 for a seat on the bus, that doesn’t mean the bag gets a free ride.

Don’t be so offended when you are asked to move the plastic bag, so a human can sit down.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

Momentum party

With regard to Joan Craven’s critique in response to my recent letter criticising Corbyn’s Momentum Party.

I have no problem with the State of Israel being brought to account for their treatment of Palestinians but vile abuse of Jews in general should not be tolerated.

As for Saint Jeremy’s peace prizes , was one the Sean McBride peace prize named after the IRA chief of staff in the 1930s?

The year after Corbyn’s award the prize was given to the organisation’s own chief executive.

I agree that a party divided is weaker. But I will not vote for Corbyn’s Momentum Party until I see some of those with anti-semitic views kicked out.

P Robb

Sheffield, S20

Inhumane conditions

A prison watchdog, the Independent Monitoring Board, has called Pentonville Prison, in north London, “inhumane”.

“Vermin is rife, plumbing is overloaded.”

It houses 1,200 inmates but was only designed for 900.

It is understaffed, meaning that inmates are rarely let outside to exercise in the open air.

Not surprisingly, violence and drugs are a growing problem.

The old adage “if you treat people like animals, they will behave like animals” is very appropriate.

Prisoners come out worse than when they went in, with worse mental health and drug problems.

Radical reform is long overdue.

John C Fowler

Leverton Gardens, S11