Sheffield weather stats - June had high and low records

People enjoying the hot weather in the Peace Gardens in Sheffield.
People enjoying the hot weather in the Peace Gardens in Sheffield.
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Sun-lovers soaked up the rays in Sheffield yesterday as new figures showed June had both high and low weather records.

Data gathered by the Museums Sheffield Weston Park weather station showed the hottest day of the year so far had been Tuesday, June 30, when it reached 28.8C.

But yesterday that record was smashed when temperatures soared to a sizzling 32.6C – the hottest July temperature ever recorded in Sheffield.

And on June 9, the lowest minimum June temperature for 10 years in Sheffield was also recorded – as it plunged as low as 4.6C overnight.

The average minimum temperature for June is 10C although the lowest ever was a chilly 1.4C in 1989.

June in Sheffield also had the fewest days of rain since 1994 – just nine...however when it did rain, it poured.

On June 12 alone, 22.1 millimetres of rain fell.

Alistair McLean, curator of natural sciences at Museums Sheffield, said it had been a varied month.

He said: “The start was pretty cold, the majority was average and then right at the end we had a mini heatwave.”

Meanwhile, a company failed to cool down shoppers in yesterday’s sunshine.

Snozone indoor snowboarding and skiing company dropped snow in Millennium Square but was asked to leave by Sheffield Council after failing to notify them or apply for a licence.