Sheffield waste chief - 60 per cent of black bins now collected

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Sheffield’s waste chief says that 60 per cent of black bins have been collected today - what she described as an ‘incredible feat’ during snow.

Coun Jayne Dunn spoke as it was confirmed that crews will be working throughout the weekend to try and clear a backlog.

Thousands of bins were left uncollected from Saturday and Tuesday after heavy snow at the weekend turned to ice, leaving roads treacherous.

Coun Dunn said: “We are sorry for the delays to waste and recycling collections and are working to get these back on track as soon as we can, but it’s essential that both roads and footpaths are safe for the crews to carry out collections.

“Collections have only been limited or suspended where absolutely necessary, with approximately 60 per cent of black bins collected since Saturday – an incredible feat considering the weather conditions and Sheffield’s hilly terrain.

“Hard work continues and we will take bagged extra black bin waste that people can’t fit in their bins to help residents.”

Residents are advised to leave their bins out until they have been collected and make sure they can be easily reached.

Scheduled collections are going ahead today, on Friday and Saturday.

Council contractor Veolia said it was ‘working closely’ with the council’s Amey team so gritting can be planned to coincide with collection routes.

Extra crews will be working this week and on Sunday to empty containers that have been missed since Saturday.

Francis Drew, contract manager at Veolia, said: “Working safely in the interests of our customers and crews is our priority. Most of our collection trucks are heavy goods vehicles weighing up to 32 tonnes, so we have to be sure roads are clear enough for us to manoeuver.

“We know that the conditions can improve during the day, so if a collection is not deemed safe on the first occasion, the crews have been and will continue to regularly re-visit all areas where bins haven’t been emptied, and make a collection as soon as they are able.”

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