Sheffield walk promoting greyhounds as pets

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Greyhounds make great pets - according to Sheffield Sighthounds, who are taking the lead with a dog walk in the city this weekend.

The group is holding the Sheffield leg of the Great British Greyhound Walk, on Sunday, June 22.

It brings owners of greyhounds, lurchers, whippets and other sighthound breeds together to enjoy social walks and to share breed advice and stories.

The Great British Greyhound Walk is aimed at showcasing what fabulous pets greyhounds make.

By walking in a large group it hopes to promote how happily greyhounds live as part of a family and how sweet natured they can be.

Members of the public are being encouraged along to ask questions and say hello to the organisers - also the dogs, and maybe even consider adopting a greyhound as their next family pet.

Thousands of greyhounds a year are retired from racing, often as young as two to three years old and need a sofa to call their own.

The event will be at Graves Park, using the Charles Ashmore Road car park entrance, on June 22, at 10.30am.

The walk is open to everyone, although dogs must be kept on leads for the duration of the walk.

A collection will be made on behalf of Greyhound Gap and Greyhound Rescue South Yorkshire and small dog-related items such as collars and tassels will be on sale with contributions being made to charity.

For more information search Sheffield Sighthounds on Facebook or call 07787533799.