Sheffield voters urged to check eligibility

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Voters in Sheffield are being urged to check they are properly registered before next year’s elections after a new system was introduced.

Individual electoral registration means every would-be voter must now register themselves, whereas before the head of the household could register everybody living at their address.

Sheffield Council said voters should receive a letter from the authority before August 29, which will tell them whether they have been moved automatically or they need to register on the new system.

Most people who are already registered are being transferred to the new system, but others will need to join the new register and the council will be writing to tell them whether they need to do so.

John Mothersole, Returning Officer for the elections in Sheffield, said: “It’s important that everyone is registered to vote when the general and local elections take place next year.

“The Government has introduced a new system that places responsibility on individuals to ensure they are registered. It’s a very simple process and will only take a few minutes if your details have not been automatically transferred already.”