Sheffield University's Forge media apologise after misgendering student in tweet

Forge Media, the University of Sheffield's volunteer run media outlet has issued an apology for tweets made by @GuidoForge, a satirical university-related news twitter account.

Thursday, 10th May 2018, 9:57 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th May 2018, 10:11 pm
The @GuidoForge account responded to student George Bunn

The statement has been issued in apology following a response to student George Bunn who had earlier tweeted about communism.

The tweet from the Guido Forge account said: "I wonder what book this guy hasn't read."

Bunn then replied saying: "I'm not a man, wild I know it says that in my bio, but forge aren't great for respecting people's gender."

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Another student then challenged the news account on its tweet, saying: "How do you think it's appropriate to use a quote from a film to misgender a trans person?" to which they responded saying they were not addressing George directly.

The account later pointed out that a further message, reading "game over man, game over!", was a quote from the film Aliens.

It has since tweeted that Forge Media would no longer be using the twitter account.

However the tweets can still be viewed, despite Forge Media issuing an apology on their website.

Forge also announced that its members would undergo training on "LGBT+ issues" and "personal pronouns" in September and have acknowledged they could do more to raise awareness of these.

The statement was released in unison from the incoming Heads of Forge Media Outlets for the next academic year Adam Bailey, Dan Cross and David Anderson.

It said: "We apologise for any offence caused as a consequence and for the dismissive attitude when the account was made aware of this.

"All outlets of Forge have a responsibility as Working Committees to educate ourselves and our members with regard to pronouns and terms relating to the LGBT+ community and other liberation and equality groups.

"We are keen to collaborate with the LGBT+ Committee, as well as the other Equality and Liberation Committees to ensure we are better representing all student voices.

They believe the @GuidoForge account was not a "positive representation" of the whole student population adding: "As a student media organisation and a working committee, Forge should be able to be held accountable for what they publish and broadcast.

"We feel that the anonymity of @GuidoForge undermines this."

"Over the last five years, @GuidoForge’s satirical content has proved popular with its followers and has helped increase interest in student politics. However, we believe any account of this nature should be able to be held to account and its current structure and operation did not allow this.

"We will be reviewing what people liked about the account over the summer and will look at avenues for producing content which could fulfil an alternative point of view whilst remaining accountable and accessible to all."

Forge have also said that "any imitation accounts or those related to Guido Forge are not affiliated with Forge Media".

The full statement can be viewed here:

We have contacted Forge Media for further comment.