Sheffield United: You’ve thrown away a successful carer, judge tells Ched Evans

Sentencing: Judge Merfyn Hughes QC.
Sentencing: Judge Merfyn Hughes QC.
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CHED Evans met his 19-year-old victom during a night out last May.

CCTV footage played to the jury showed co-defendant Clayton McDonald being approached by the complainant and getting into a taxi which she flagged down.

He took the woman to a Premier Inn hotel room that Evans, of Millhouse Green, Penistone, had booked in McDonald’s name, the court heard.

During the drive to the hotel, McDonald called someone on his phone to say he was with a girl.

The complainant had been drinking wine, double vodkas with lemonade and had also had a sambuca shot.

In an interview with the police, she said she believed her drink was spiked that night because she was used to drinking heavily and had never ‘blacked out’ before.

Sentencing Evans to five years in prison, Judge Merfyn Hughes QC said: “The complainant was 19 years of age and was extremely intoxicated.

“CCTV footage shows, in my view, the extent of her intoxication when she stumbled into your friend.

“As the jury have found, she was in no condition to have sexual intercourse.

“When you arrived at the hotel, you must have realised that.”

He told Evans he might have been used to receiving attention from women in the past due to his success as a footballer, but this case was ‘very different’.

The judge said the sentence took into account that there had been no force involved and the complainant received no injuries.

He also said the complainant was not targeted’ and the attack had not been ‘premeditated’.

“You have thrown away the successful career in which you were involved,” he told Evans before sending him down.