Sheffield United: Ched Evans rape verdict ‘trended’ on Twitter

Twitter: Ched Evans.
Twitter: Ched Evans.
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THE Ched Evans rape verdict was one of the most talked about subjects on Twitter yesterday.

Within minutes of the striker being found guilty of rape, his name ‘trended’ on the social networking site - meaning it was being discussed by thousands across the UK.

Some users said he was a ‘disgrace’ to football - and others that yesterday was a ‘terrible’ day to support Sheffield United.

Itkagent1962 said: “Ched Evans is a disgrace to the profession. Don’t forget a young lady’s life has been forever scarred by his actions.”

James Carter posted: “Ched Evans is a disgrace. If you feel sympathy for him you need to have a good look at yourself.”

Shaun Coveley added: “Ched Evans guilty. Given the evidence this seems the right decision. Awful story. What a terrible day to support Sheffield United. Appalling.”

Others said the result of the trial could have an impact on footballing culture.

Marvin Sordell said: “Ched Evans getting five years in jail proves to many footballers they’re not invincible, which some don’t realise.”

Joe Friar added: “How stupid is Ched Evans? So privileged and lucky to be a footballer and he does something stupid like that to ruin it.”

Daryl Fernandes tweeted: “Ched Evans - the epitome of what some modern day footballers are all about. Big hopes and potential and then he disgraces himself.”

But some fans expressed sympathy for the Blades player.

Lauren Vyner said: “Cannot believe Ched Evans! Feel more sorry for his lovely girlfriend.”

Elliot Earl-Munns said: “Just when his career was taking shape.”

And ‘Ato’ wrote: “Chin up Ched.”