Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday fans spend more watching football than they do on engagement and wedding rings

Blades and Owls fans will spend more cash on their teams this season than they do on wedding and engagement rings, a new survey has revealed.

Monday, 11th September 2017, 11:28 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 11:55 am
Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United fans spend more watching football than they do on wedding and engagement rings.

Research has found that the average United or Wednesday follower will spend £1,920 supporting their team this season - and with the typical cost of engagement ring priced at £1,080 and a wedding ring at £1,363, football still comes first.

The experts at compiled the average cost of following a team for a whole season, discovering that men spend a whopping £1,920 a season supporting their club – over £800 more than they’re likely to spend on engagement rings.

It’s not just partners that are feeling secondary to football, as the research shows fans will spend more following their team in a year than they will on their kids’ birthdays, Christmas and family holidays.

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The data was compiled by adding up the costs of purchasing a season ticket, replica kit, tickets to every away game plus a programme, beer and pie at each match, and revealed the true cost that men fork out to follow their teams to be an average of £1,920.

With the typical cost of buying an engagement ring now around £1,080, that means that men will spend £840 more football in just one season.

The news is only slightly better for fiancés when it comes to the wedding ceremony, with men spending an average of £1,363 on a wedding ring, just £557 less than going to every match of the season.

Even quality time away with the family can prove less expensive that quality time on the terraces, as at £1,212 an average family holiday can cost almost £708 less than a whole season watching the beautiful game.

Christmas is a time when most households spare no expense on presents, food and a Christmas tree, but with a yearly cost of £645 it is still £1,275 less than just nine months supporting your team.

Parents are usually expected to go all out when spending money on their children’s birthdays, but with an average yearly spend of £250 per child, men could afford to give up their season of football and afford to pay for their kids’ birthday for a full seven years.

Darren Williams, of, said “It used to be that men would spend three months’ wages on their engagement ring, but today its more likely that’ll put that money towards trekking to Burnley for an important regulation battle.

“This really highlights just how astronomical the cost of being a dedicated supporter can be, and nowadays you’ll be lucky to find a cheap day out on terraces.

“Some of the expenses look cheap on paper, but if you buy a programme and pie at all games in a season then the cost is bound to eventually add up.

“There’ll be many partners and spouses who won’t be happy to know their other halves are blowing more money on beers and pies than their engagement rings, but it demonstrates how far fans will go to follow their club.”