Sheffield trams used for 70,000 journeys during Tour

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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More than 35,000 people used trams in Sheffield in just three hours on the day of the Tour de France - a record-breaking number.

Supertram - which was so busy at one point on Sunday that trams had to be suspended at Meadowhall - said nearly 70,000 passenger journeys were made, an increase of 425 per cent on the previous Sunday.

The most popular stops on the network were Arena, where queues of spectators stretched for miles. Tinsley, Middlewood and Malin Bridge.

Supertram director Margaret Kay said: “I’m proud to say that even when faced with unprecedented numbers of passengers, our staff worked hard to get everyone to their final destinations as safely and quickly as possible.

“Our services were very busy and thank customers for their patience and good humour throughout the day.”

“I’d also like to extend my thanks to staff who worked tirelessly over the weekend - their efforts were certainly appreciated by the many customers who have contacted us.”

Trams ran every four minutes to the most popular stops on Sunday.