Sheffield traders ‘dying’ due to extra parking charges

Alex Mir, manager of Sa-kis in Division Street, Sheffield
Alex Mir, manager of Sa-kis in Division Street, Sheffield
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‘Short-sighted’ new parking charges for Sundays and evenings in Sheffield city centre have hurt businesses, traders have warned.

Sheffield Council have opted to keep charges introduced last year for motorists parking in the city centre on Sundays and a two-hour extension of charging on Monday to Saturdays, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

Businesses say the extra fees have hurt their trade.

Muna McAdie, of Alternative Store in Division Street, said: “It’s definitely affected our Sunday business. Enough people don’t come into the city centre as it is so it seems a bit short-sighted by the council.”

Alex Mir, manager of Sa-kis in the same road, said: “It’s terrible. Why would people go into town in the rain when they can park for free at Meadowhall and stay dry?

“The city centre is dying. It’s affected trade and businesses in so many ways. Town used to be booming.

“There used to be a steady influx of customers on a Sunday, now people just come for a few hours until their parking runs out, then they leave. They used to hang around.”

Coun Bramall said: “It is of course worrying to hear businesses claiming that they have been affected by Sunday and evening car parking charges, especially when these are cheaper or on a par with other towns and cities.

“From 4.30pm to 6.30pm, on-street parking prices are in fact less than they used to be, while there is a flat rate of just £1 for parking on Sundays.

“We have also reduced charges in most city centre off-street car parks and are offering cheap all-day parking in peripheral city centre car parks.

“In addition, we have simplified charges. This all means that people can park for longer, with simpler fares, and pay less for their parking Monday to Saturday in the city centre.

“People can now pay less off-street, or choose to pay a little more for the convenience of parking on-street.”