Sheffield top for new Lib Dem members after election - party’s HQ says

Nick Clegg after winning his Sheffield Hallam seat
Nick Clegg after winning his Sheffield Hallam seat
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Sheffield has had the most number of people join the Liberal Democrats since last week’s election - the party HQ says.

Across the country 10,000 people are said to have signed up as members, 145 of them were in Sheffield where Nick Clegg clung on to his seat with a drastically reduced majority.

In second place was Bristol, followed by Twickenham and Richmond.

Mr Clegg stood down as leader of the Liberal Democrats following a ‘crushing’ and ‘catastrophic’ election result which saw the party lose several high-profile politicans and be reduced to a party of eight MPs.

Coun Colin Ross, leader of Sheffield’s Liberal Democrats, said: ‘Something quite extraordinary is happening across the country as well as right here in Sheffield.

“Over 10,000 people have joined the Liberal Democrats since polling day and we are delighted so many new people are joining the liberal fight back here in Sheffield.”

“Liberal Democrats had a tough night last week, but rather than sit back and lick their wounds, people have been invigorated and inspired.

“They are coming together to rebuild a strong Liberal Democrat party, showing that the politics of hope and tolerance can thrive in the face of the politics of grievance and fear.”