Sheffield 'third most burgled university city in UK'

Sheffield is the third most burgled university city in the UK - with more than 600 break-ins in student accommodation areas in under a year.

Wednesday, 25th January 2017, 1:18 pm
Updated Wednesday, 25th January 2017, 1:22 pm
An infographic showing the table of burglaries.

New statistics revealed there had been 706 burglaries within a one-mile radius of the University of Sheffield's main campus buildings in an 11-month period last year.

This puts Sheffield third on a national table of the most-targeted areas, behind Leeds in second with 799 and Manchester top with 822 incidents.

The research was conducted by private company which examined crime statistics in areas around 25 universities across the UK - expect London - between January and November last year.

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A survey of more than 2000 students found that 64 per cent of respondents admitted to leaving valuable possessions such electronic items and wallets out in view of windows and doors.

In addition, 48 per cent said that they don’t lock the main door before everyone went to sleep and 59 per cent said they either don't bother or forget to check if their windows are closed in student houses.

Victor Baron, managing director of, said: "As research like this shows, it can become easy for students to become complacent and make their house a target for opportunist intruders. We therefore urge students among the fun and enjoyment of living with housemates, to safeguard their property and own personal wellbeing by consistently remaining cautious."

Inspector Neil Mutch, said: “Unfortunately, student properties can be an easy target for thieves. The majority of burglaries we have reported to us have occurred as a result of windows and doors being insecure. “We always advise students to lock their windows and doors when leaving their flat, or their room if they live in a communal building. In the run up to, and at the start of every fresher’s week, we liaise with the two universities to deliver crime prevention advice and safety messages, alongside their own, attending fresher’s fairs and speaking to students ourselves."

“Thieves know that students tend to own a laptop, or some form of electronic device, and will often see that as an opportunity for them. "Students can visit our website for further crime prevention and safety advice at”

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