Sheffield theatre volunteer finds himself centre stage

70 years a trustee - Malcolm Burrel
70 years a trustee - Malcolm Burrel
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A Sheffield man found himself centre stage at an event to celebrate him spending 70 years as a volunteer at a city theatre.

Malcolm Burrell, aged 84, began volunteering at The Montgomery on Surrey Street in Sheffield city centre at the end of World War II when he was just 14.

The then teenager went on to become the Montgomery president - twice, chairman of the former policy committee and a member of the audio and visual aids committee.

For years he was the public face of the organisation, visiting partners and promoting the organisation.

To mark his contribution over the years 30 of the organisation’s previous and current staff and volunteers gathered to celebrate Mu Burrell’s Malcolm’s ongoing commitment.

“It’s hard to imagine that World War II ended, and a 14-year old Malcolm began volunteering at The Montgomery,” says Julie Fancher, Managing Director.

“The wisdom and experience he continues to bring to the organisation are invaluable. He is our most faithful and enthusiastic supporter, and despite his 70 years of service, he continues to insist that there’s nothing special about him, and we should instead celebrate all the people who have served here over the years.”

Mr Burrell said: “I feel honoured and privileged to have been a part of this organisation.”

“I thank God that we have had the strength and commitment to continue all these years. I believe change has been the key to our success, building on the foundations of our predecessors.”

The Montgomery specialises in children’s and family programming, showcasing local performing arts groups, as well as a line-up of professional performances in the 420 seat theatre.