Sheffield the hidden gem overlooked by the media

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I love Sheffield. I was born here and have lived here for 50 years and work in the city where I have a retail business.

I consider Sheffield a hidden gem, beautiful in so many ways and constantly overlooked by the media.

But Sheffield is being let down. You only need to look at Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester or Birmingham to see that investment is massively lacking and leadership is embarrassingly weak. Those cities are vibrant and growing. Sheffield is struggling.

The city should be attracting business on a grand scale but the council seem to have very different ideas.

Companies like Ikea and Next want to build here and bring jobs but their plans meet opposition.

Last year, in the worst recession in living memory, the council thought it would be a good idea to double the parking fees. Utter madness.

The Canal Basin is an area that would be the envy of almost any city.

But in Sheffield it is underdeveloped, underused with a just few businesses who appear to be struggling.

Sheffield remains an amazing place but it needs strong leadership and someone with a vision of it as the finest city in the North and the gateway to Derbyshire, a lovely, thriving place to visit for business or pleasure and a place that is open for business and not firmly closed.

Paul Hobson

By email