Sheffield teenagers accused of murder have charges against them dropped

Nottingham Crown Court
Nottingham Crown Court

Two Sheffield teenagers accused of murder have had the case against them dropped.

Jaiden Browne-Evans, aged 18 and of Beaver Hill Road, Woodhouse and another 15-year-old Sheffield boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, previously faced murder charges over the death of 35-year-old Chesterfield man, Darren Broadbent.

Mr Broadbent was found dead at a flat on Birchwood Crescent, Chesterfield on August 1

Mr Broadbent was found dead at a flat on Birchwood Crescent, Chesterfield on August 1

Mr Broadbent, of Grindlow Avenue, Boythorpe, was found dead at a flat on Birchwood Crescent, Grangewood, on August 1.

Prosecuting barrister Peter Joyce QC told Nottingham Crown Court, there was 'no realistic prospect' of prosecuting either of the two teenagers on the charges of murder and proceedings should be discontinued and they should be released from custody.

Mr Joyce QC said: “I have had a consultation with the police and the Crown Prosecution Service on August 17 and further enquiries were made at my request and they have produced nothing further.

“I have taken the view that in light of particular factors we know about in the case summary there is no realistic prospect of prosecuting either of these two boys on the charges of murder.”

Defence barrister James Horne, representing Browne-Evans, and defence barrister Paul O’Shea, representing the 15-year-old, both said they had nothing to add on the matter.

Judge Gregory Dickinson QC, who described the case as having an unusual set of circumstances, said both Browne-Evans and the 15-year-old should be released straight away.

Mr Joyce QC, prosecuting, said that both Mr Broadbent’s mother and brother, who attended the hearing, had been informed about the unusual circumstances which were not revealed during the court hearing.

He added: “I have seen the family of the deceased and I have informed them of the review of this decision.

“His mother, and brother, are here and they are anxious to preserve the integrity of her son’s memory so I am to say no more about his role in the matter.”

A Chesterfield woman, who was arrested as part of the police investigation after Mr Broadbent’s death, still stands charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.