Sheffield teenager locked up for robbing chef

Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell
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A Sheffield teenager has been locked up for three years after carrying out a robbery while serving bail on a burglary charge.

Andrew Campbell, aged 18, was waiting to be served in the Jam Rock Cafe on London Road, Sheffield, when he followed chef Marcel Coburn into the kitchen.

Mr Coburn then felt a chain which he had around his neck being pulled, Sheffield Crown Court was told.

As he turned to see what was happening Campbell, shouted: “I am taking this.”

He then ran off with the chain and diamond-encrusted crucifix valued at £3,000.

Campbell, who was then living in a hostel on Enfield Road, Chesterfield, was arrested soon after and picked out at an identity parade by Mr Coburn who had known him for around nine years.

The court was told while he was in jail on remand he made a call to someone outside the prison.

During the conversation Campbell told the person to ‘grab it’ and explained that ‘it’ was in toilet brush holder in the bathroom at the hostel.

A police officer searched the bathroom and found the stolen chain.

Campbell had committed the robbery while on bail awaiting a trial for burglary.

The court was told he had broken into a flat on Framlingham Road, Arbourthorne.

The flat’s owner Natalie Dyson arrived home to find her kitchen window had been smashed.

She could smell gas inside and discovered pools of water on the floor.

The court was told Campbell had made an unsuccessful attempt to rip the boiler from the wall, causing it to leak water and gas into the flat.

Police were called and arrested Campbell who was still in the neighbourhood.

Officers discovered his trousers were wet from the boiler.

And forensic tests revealed there were shards of glass on his clothing which matched the broken pane in the kitchen window.

Campbell pleaded guilty to both the robbery and the burglary.

He had a number of previous convictions including burglary and violence.

Judge Simon Lawler QC sentenced him to two years in youth custody for the robbery and ordered he serve a further year for the burglary.

The judge told him: “You have been given a number of chances which you have not taken.”