Sheffield teenager hit with FULL can of beer and knocked unconscious at Dev Green fan park

Imogen after being knocked out
Imogen after being knocked out
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A Sheffield teenager was rushed to hospital after she was hit by a FULL beer can at the Dev Green fan park and knocked unconscious.

Imogen Longden joined thousands of other fans at the fan park yesterday, organised by Sheffield City Council, to watch England's World Cup semi final.

Imogen after being knocked out

Imogen after being knocked out

However, the 17-year-old was hit twice by cans of beer during the match; with the second eventually knocking her unconscious.

After being carried out through the crowd, Imogen was rushed to hospital where she underwent an X-Ray and a scan on her head injuries.

She said that the horrific experience and the lack of planning ruined what should have been an enjoyable experience for the entire city.

"People were throwing empty cans around two hours before the game had even kicked off," Imogen said.

Imogen after being knocked out

Imogen after being knocked out

"Even at that time I turned my friends and said I don't feel safe. I had to go to the first aid tent at half time because the first beer can cut my shoulder.

"But in the second half someone threw a full can of cider up in the air and it hit me on the head and knocked me out.

"My friends couldn't pick me up so I was getting trampled but luckily these two men came over and got me to a paramedic."

The fan park was organised by Sheffield City Council after Lord Mayor Magid Magid promised a 'massive screen' to show England's historic semi final clash.

Although Sheffield City Council encouraged fans to bring their own food and drink, they warned that glass would be banned at the event.

However, a number of glass bottles during and after the game with one of them striking a fan on the head and knocking him to the floor.

Imogen said she was shocked that bags were not checked before the event and complained that there was not enough security.

She said: "Me and my friends had to form a circle to protect ourselves every time England had a chance. It was not a nice experience.

"There was not enough security or police patrols at the event and there were far too many people allowed in.

"This was supposed to be a family event but any children going to this would have been traumatised."

Many fans have complained about the security, safety and planning of the event on social media following the match.

And Imogen said that she would not be going to anything similar organised by Sheffield City Council in the future.

"I would much rather just watch the next game at home," she said.

"It's a shame because I love football and I've been playing for eight years but this has really put me off going to games.

"Now I can't put my head down and my mum has had to take the day off work to look after me. It's ruined what should have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

A spokesperson for Sheffield City Council said: "A minority of individuals decided to try to spoil the evening by throwing cans last night on Devonshire Green where the event was enjoyed by more than 8,000 proud fans and was a huge success.

"As with all our events we will carry out a review with Police and other partners and pick up any issues for future planning.

We want to thank everyone who came who not only put Sheffield back on football's map, but especially those who without prompting volunteered to tidy up afterwards showing real pride in the national team and the city."