Sheffield takeaway Chino's warned over 'cleaning issues' after several complaints from customers

A Sheffield takeaway has been warned by the council over 'cleaning issues' following several complaints from customers.

Monday, 15th January 2018, 1:45 pm
Updated Monday, 15th January 2018, 1:50 pm
Chino's Sheffield

Sheffield City Council said that they have received 'several complaints' from customers and sent Health Protection officers to the London Road premises.

Following the officers' investigation, the council wrote to Chino's about cleaning issues that were highlighted to them.

A Sheffield City Council spokesperson said: “We have received several complaints from customers and our Health Protection officers have visited the premises.

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“We are writing to the owner about cleaning issues that arose from their investigation.”

Balal Fazal, owner of Chino's, blamed the cleaning issues on construction work taking place next door to the takeaway.

However, he stated that the problems had now been resolved and that they had been given the all-clear from the council.

He said: "Environmental Health has been involved but everything has been cleared. They have come and checked on everything and it's all been cleared.

"There was no kind of safety hazard. The premises next door to out site have some construction work going on and the mess came to our side.

"It's now been cleared up. The inside premises are in a good state."

Mr Fazal also revealed that police are now looking into a Facebook post made by an alleged customer in December 2017.

The customer made a number of claims against the restaurant on Facebook relating to the health and safety practices of staff at the takeaway.

However, Mr Fazal said they have gone through CCTV from the day and found 'no kind of behaviour which the customer has claimed to have happened'.

He said: "We would not tolerate this behaviour to any customer. Our restaurant is over 20 years old and we would not do anything of this kind which would affect the business or the community.

"It's an ongoing investigation and will be resolved soon. We have had no other problems whatsoever.

"Everybody is still enjoying their food and we've been very busy. We've been here a long time and never had any problem.

"But social media is for everybody to use and everybody has the right to write anything. But our solicitor is acting on it and the police have also got involved."

Chino's Takeaway currently has a Food Hygiene Rating of 3; meaning that is generally satisfactory.

The last inspection took place on December 5, 2016, and Mr Fazal said the restaurant's main objective was to provide high quality food and service.

He said: "We are operating here professionally. We would not tolerate that kind of behaviour. We are here to give good service and keep the law and order.

"We work hard to maintain our reputation and we don't want anything upsetting anyone. I have always told my staff to show respect to the customer.

"The quality of the food and the service has to be good. The customer has to be satisfied.

"Our aim is to grow the business. We want to be here for a long time, our customers are very happy with us and with our service and that's always been our target here."