Sheffield suspect caught hiding on a ROOF by police helicopter

Police tape
Police tape
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A Sheffield suspect was caught hiding on the roof of a building by a police helicopter late last night.

NPAS Carr Gate revealed that the person was located and observed on the rooftops in Sheffield at around 11.30pm on Monday.

The suspect was then observed and talked down from the rooftops before he was arrested by officers.

The incident was part of a busy day for South Yorkshire Police as a home on Slayleigh Celph was burgled between 1.15am and 7.30am.

Thieves entered through the downstairs kitchen window and stole a handbag and a car. The handbag was recovered at Fulwood Sports Ground.

Another home was broken into on Hallowmoor Road via the back door between 1am Sunday and 9am Tuesday. Offenders went back to the same address and tried to break into the shed the night after.

Thieves also stole £20 from a car on Farm View Gardens, a handbag from a car at St Mary's Church on Handsworth Road and another on Stoneacre Rise.

A motorbike was stolen from outside a home on Chesterfield Road earlier this morning and a garden ornament was used to smash a conservatory window on Bishopscourt Road.