Sheffield superstar now has nine top A-levels

Clare Rees-Zimmerman
Clare Rees-Zimmerman
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A record-breaking Sheffield student who has now achieved a staggering NINE A-levels at top grades does it all for the ‘love of learning’.

Talented Clare Rees-Zimmerman jumped for joy when she collected another five A* grades yesterday, adding to her four A-levels, 13 A* GCSES and a long list of other qualifications.

She achieved full marks for A-levels in biology, physics and chemistry, as well as taking home additional further maths and Russian A-levels – and now has a total of eight A*s and one A grade at A-level.

The 18-year-old Sheffield High School pupil celebrated with family and is now heading to Cambridge University in October, where she will study chemical engineering and natural sciences.

Clare, of Dore, said: “I wasn’t quite expecting to do as well as I did.

“It will probably take a while to sink in and then I can start packing for Cambridge University.

“I think what drives me on is I am interested in it – I find the subjects interesting and being at school is fun.

“It’s good to be the best you can be and have fun.

“It’s unexpected, but I am proud.”

Hard-working Clare was praised by teachers for holding the school record, notching up many awards and being an ‘outstanding’ musician.

She plays the piano, violin and viola and is the leader of the City of Sheffield Senior Schools Orchestra.

Clare said: “I’m not sure what exactly I want to do in future, possibly something in research in energy or water treatment that will improve quality of life.

“I wouldn’t have done so well without the support I got from school and the great teaching, as well as the support I got from my friends, as we all helped each other.”

Proud parents Julia Rees and Professor William Zimmerman are both academics at Sheffield University.

Julia, a reader in mathematics, said: “Clare does work hard, but she enjoys studying and that makes a difference.

“She enjoys the challenge of doing exams and just loves learning as much as she can.

“I’m not sure how she fits it all in – she must be very efficient with her time.

“Clare plays quite a few musical instruments, so it was tough for her to decide whether to go along the music or science route, but I think she is hoping to do both when she goes to university. We are exceptionally proud.”

Clare is hoping to collect another GCSE in Italian next week.

Val Dunsford, headteacher at Sheffield High School in Broomhill, said:“Clare has been an outstanding student not just in her academic studies but also in the way she has played such an active part in the life of the school in extra-curricular activities from a very early age.

“She has certainly broken all the school records.

“We look forward to see how her career develops and wish her the very best.”