Sheffield super gran fights off armed thug

Sharon Brook from Sothall News and Booze fought off an armed robber at her shop on Friday. CCTV is now being installed in response.
Sharon Brook from Sothall News and Booze fought off an armed robber at her shop on Friday. CCTV is now being installed in response.
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A grandmother chased an armed robber wielding a broken bottle out of her newsagents in Sheffield – with a walking stick.

Sharon Brook, stood her ground against a hooded youth wielding the beer bottle as he attempted the robbery at Sothall News and Booze on West Street, Beighton – the fifth armed robbery in the area in a matter of weeks.

Mother-of-three Sharon, aged 52, said: “I was on the phone to my husband and had my back to the door.

“The youth ran in with a hooded top pulled around his face so I could only see his eyes.

“He had a broken bottle and was screaming, shouting and swearing at me to open the till.

“He kept pushing the bottle towards my face.”

“He kept jabbing it towards me and telling me he was going to hurt me. I said ‘I’m giving you nothing’. He was just screaming at me.

“It felt like it was forever, but it was probably only a few seconds.

“It was quite scary with him pushing this bottle towards me. I came out from behind the counter with this walking stick we have in the shop and walked towards him.

“I said to him ‘I’m going to hit you with this if you don’t get out of this shop’.

“He went towards the door and said ‘I’m going to come back and kill you’.”

Sharon, who has one granddaughter, called the police and locked the shop – while friends and neighbours waited outside in case the robber came back after Friday’s raid, which happened at about 3.45pm.

Sharon said: “This is my business and there is no way he was taking anything that belongs to us. It was terrible and afterwards you think ‘what if’, but he didn’t expect me to retaliate.

“He just picked on the wrong person – I don’t stand any nonsense.”

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Richard, Sharon’s husband, said residents were growing concerned about the number of armed robberies in the last month.

The first took place on Wednesday, October 8, when a teenager with a handgun threatened a worker at Beighton petrol station, High Street.

Two raids took place within an hour of each other on Sunday, October 19, at Sainsbury’s Petrol Station, Crystal Peaks shopping centre, and Beighton Convenience Store, on High Street,.

The convenience store was targeted again on Monday, October 27, by two men, one carrying a large knife.

Police said a man is in custody after being arrested in connection with three of the previous robberies, including the two convenience store raids.

Anyone with information about any of the raids is asked to call police on 101.