Sheffield sunshine bringing out the best in Mother Nature

Ken Wain,''Swan with Cygnet at Clumber Park, Ken Wain
Ken Wain,''Swan with Cygnet at Clumber Park, Ken Wain
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HERE comes the last.

After shivering our way through the never ending April showers - which then continued through most of May - Sheffield people can now expect things to get a whole lot warmer in the next few days.

And it isn’t only the sun which is making an appearance - so are a host of our feathered friends.

At one Sheffield DIY store they’re expecting a clutch of new arrivals any time soon.

A cheeky Robin has made herself at home at Homebase on Chesterfield Road, Woodseats.

The red breasted chirper, more usually seen on Christmas cards, has built herself a nest in a display of flowering plants which are for sale in the stores’s outdoor garden centre.

And she has laid a clutch of five eggs which she is currently incubating.

Manager Tim Hallam has now made the display a no go area until her chicks are hatched and old enough to fly the nest.

Tim said: “We have been watching her coming and going for a few weeks now.

“Then we noticed she had built a nest and when we looked in it we could see she had laid five eggs so we have now closed this area off.”

Forecasters say today should be mostly sunny with highs of 23C - just a little short of 74F.

And it’s a similar story for the rest of the week with clear blue skies with little chance of seeing any more rain until at least Sunday.

And the warmer weather is coinciding with something of a bird population explosion.

In Clumber Park in Derbyshire, Sheffield photographer Ken Wain has been out and about with his camera capturing some wonderful pictures.

He sent two of his pictures to The Star including a swan and her newly arrived cygnet and a nest full of hungry coot chicks.