Sheffield students urged to think of safety

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Students are being urged to demand the highest standards when choosing accommodation - with fire chiefs urging them to consider how safe properties are.

With dozens of privately run student accommodation blocks having been built in years, fire chiefs are reminding students that there is more accommodation than ever before.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue’s Head of Prevention and Protection, Phil Shillito, said: “The increase in student rental accommodation in recent years means there is actually a surplus of this type of housing in Sheffield, so tenants are in a good position to shop around - they shouldn’t have to accept poor, unsafe standards of accommodation.

“Simple things to look out for during a housing search include whether the property has fire detection systems, like smoke alarms, escape routes and fire doors.”

Christine Bogue, from the University of Sheffield’s Students Union, said: “We totally appreciate that fire safety won’t always be at the top of students wish list when looking for a new place to live, compared to things like distance from the university. All we’re asking is that when looking at new properties, they keep things like fire and gas safety at the back of their mind.”