Sheffield students slam union over page 3 ban

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Students at the University of Sheffield have accused union councillors of censoring their freedom of choice after a vote to ban The Sun from being sold in university outlets.

The decision was made after a ‘No More Page 3’ campaign proposed by women’s councillor Lucy Pedrick.

Councillors said page 3 ‘presents an unrealistic and potentially damaging picture of what women’s bodies look like’ and said the paper should be removed from the university shop until page 3 is taken out.

The decision will not go to a referendum – despite some students arguing the decision is unnecessary.

Jake Atkinson, third year accounting and financial management student, said: “It undermines our freedom of choice. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it or buy it.”

Geography student Sam Wormald, 21, said: “It’s more about making a political statement rather than changing something that has already been around for ages.”

Kieran Guilbert, a journalism and French student, said: “There is no need to ban it outright, it is censorship without justification.”

But student councillor Unsa Akhtar said: “It’s not a question of censorship. I definitely think it was the right choice.

“Students are still able to buy those newspapers a few metres down the road.

“The union is not saying you can’t read them, it’s saying that you can’t buy them on the premises because they are incompatible with the union’s anti-sexist policy.

“They may extend this to other publications which have unrealistic images of men.”