Sheffield students hold candlelight vigil to remember victims of terror attacks

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Around 500 students from the University of Sheffield gathered for a candlelight vigil in memory of people killed in terror attacks.

The vigil outside the Sheffield Students Union, on Western Bank, observed three minutes of silence for Paris, Baghdad and Beirut before inviting students to lay candles.

Several attacks on the French capital by the so-called Islamic State left 129 dead last Friday.

Earlier on the same day, an IS militant blew himself up at the funeral of a pro-government Shia fighter in Baghdad, killing at least 18 people.

In the Lebanese capital of Beirut, 41 people were killed after two IS suicide bombers targeted a busy shopping street.

Speeches at the vigil were heard from the Amnesty International society, Le Cercle Francais and SU President Christy McMorrow.

In his speech, Mr McMorrow said: “The attacks in Paris have stunned many of us. France is a country that those of raised in the UK had the benefit of visiting.

“Most of us have studied some of it’s language and it’s one of our closets neighbours. All of this means that we feel shocked and scared by the violence there.

“Today offers an opportunity to reflect and think about how this terror occurs day-to-day outside of the western world. And we must hope for an end to an end to it wherever it occurs.

“The violence of terrorism is horrific and so to is that of war. We must strive for a world without both.”

Students also took part in a campus wide walk out today to show solidarity with refugees affected by war.