Sheffield student’s double good deed cleans city and raises money

A Sheffield student is on a mission to clean the city’s streets, while raising as money for charity.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 31st March 2019, 12:07 pm
Updated Wednesday, 17th April 2019, 6:43 pm
So far Abi has raised more than £600 from the litter picks
So far Abi has raised more than £600 from the litter picks

Abi Baker, a final year zoology student at the University of Sheffield, is aiming to raise £1,000 for five different charities with 100 litter picks across the city.

The double good deed aims to raise money for five charities - Assist Sheffield, The Children’s Society, Boccia Sheffield, St Wilfred’s Charity and Mary’s Meals.

Abi has already raised more than £600 with just 19 litter picks.

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The condoms Abi found on a dogging site in Kelham Island

She said: “I was brainstorming fundraising ideas and wanted to do something a bit different than just a bake sale.

“I saw the hashtag TrashTag on Twitter where people share before and after photos of litter picks and thought it would be amazing to combine the two.”

A lot of litter has been banished by Abi over the past few weeks, including some odd discoveries.

She found a dead pigeon that was ‘completely rotten through’ next to some fly-tipping of fridges and shoes.

Abi out on a litter pick

Over in Kelham Island Abi and another volunteer stumbled across a dogging site where they counted more than 30 used condoms. They later joked that they “wanted to burn all our cleaning kit after that”.

Abi’s original target was £250, set by the organisers of Bummit, a cross-Europe hitchhike by students at the University of Sheffield which aims to raise money for charities.

She said the response she received so far had been ‘phenomenal’ that places such as Church Temple of Fun, Blue Moon and an independent seller have donated vouchers and a bottle of gin so she can do a raffle draw at the end of her litter pick.

Many volunteers have also stepped forward to help her in her mission.

She added that everyone should get involved and help clean up Sheffield at some point.

Abi said: “It’s made me extremely happy, every experience with people I’ve met along the way has been amazing.

“It’s not a chore for me, I’ve always loved the transformation of cleaning the environment and I’m so happy that I’ve got to be part of this.”

Abi plans to continue litter picking over summer after the challenge ends.