Sheffield students devise wallet to foil card scammers

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Contactless identity theft may soon be a thing of the past thanks to an enterprising computing student from Sheffield.

Ibbe Raja, aged 21, his brother Jalil Raja, 19, and friend Sam Andrews, 20, have created ‘Vinco’, an ultra-thin wallet which prevents details of contactless cards being read wirelessly.

Contactless cards, which work using Radio Frequency Identification Technology, can be used to make quick PIN-less transactions for payments under £20.

But they are also vulnerable to high-tech pickpocketing, as fraudsters can use scanners to read the cards through wallets and bags.

The group are currently raising money on crowdfunding site to promote the wallet, and have raised 66 percent of their $5,000 target so far.

Ibbe said: “We have a lot of faith in this product and hope that the public get behind us with our crowdfunding bid.

“If we are successful, everything is in place for us to begin manufacturing, selling and shipping out Vinco wallets worldwide.”

The wallet costs £20 and weighs just 30 grams.

It is over 30 per cent thinner than a single card when empty.