Sheffield student in appeal for new reservists

Alexandros Karakaxas
Alexandros Karakaxas
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A student from Sheffield is backing a campaign to encourage more people to become reservists in the Royal Navy.

Alexandros Karakaxas, aged 18, from Ecclesfield, who is studying international relations at Lincoln University, spends his spare time as a Royal Navy reservist.

He signed up while studying at All Saints Catholic High School, Sheffield.

A recruitment day is to be held at Carlton Barracks, Leeds, where Alexandros trains.

Alexandros joined the Royal Naval Reserves after serving as a sea cadet for seven years.

He said: “Being in the reserves means that I can continue with my studies – and get a good education to fall back on – while also pursuing my Royal Naval career.

“I would recommend life in the reserves to anyone. You get to experience things that most people don’t ever get to try, travel the world and meet some great people. You also develop skills that you can use in all walks of life, even if you don’t want to become a full-time Navy recruit, and you get paid for it as well.”