Sheffield student fighting for life

Scene ofaccident: Members of the emergency services outside Bar One on Glossop Road after a teenager was injured. Photo: David Parker/Forge Press.
Scene ofaccident: Members of the emergency services outside Bar One on Glossop Road after a teenager was injured. Photo: David Parker/Forge Press.
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A TOP health chief today branded a Sheffield all-day drinking party ‘grossly irresponsible’ - as a university student fights for her life after being hit by a double decker bus outside.

The 18-year-old first year student at The University of Sheffield suffered life-threatening head injuries and a punctured lung after being struck by a bus shortly after leaving the students’ union’s Bar One on Glossop Road.

Students had been queuing from before dawn for the ‘Christmas Day’ event which started at 10am - where cut-price alcopops, half price pints, and on-offer double spirits were sold day long.

South Yorkshire Police confirmed the student had left Bar One just moments before the collision at 5.15pm.

When paramedics and police arrived at the scene to treat the girl and block off the road to traffic, there were still students queuing to get into the building.

Today Sheffield’s Director of Public Health, Dr Jeremy Wight, said the annual event should be stopped.

“I think these sort of events are grossly irresponsible - we know binge drinking leads to accidents and if this student’s accident was related to that it would be no great surprise,” he said.

He said every weekend the city’s A&E departments treat patients injured as a result of excess drinking and said a minimum price for alcohol would ‘reduce binge drinking and save lives’.

“For The University of Sheffield’s students’ union to be putting on events that go in the complete opposite direction to that and make alcohol cheaply available is grossly irresponsible and I think it should be stopped,” he said.

Students had started queuing from 4am to take advantage from 10am of half price pints of Carlsberg, Carling and cider. Between 2pm and 4pm beers and alcopops were on offer at £3.75 for two, and bottles of cider at two for £5.

Double spirits and mixers were priced at £2.50 between 6pm and 8pm.

A police spokeswoman said the injured girl had been trying to cross Glossop Road when she was struck by a bus heading towards Sheffield city centre.

“The 18-year-old, from Suffolk, sustained serious head injuries and a punctured lung and is being treated in the Hallamshire Hospital,” she said.

“The bus driver, a 48-year-old man from Sheffield, was not hurt.”

Bus operator First said the firm was investigating.

A University of Sheffield spokeswoman said: “The university and its students’ union take the health and wellbeing of students very seriously and provide a comprehensive range of services to promote a responsible approach to alcohol. The students’ union works hard to promote responsible drinking through its alcohol policy, which sets a minimum standard for its commercial outlets which exceeds the Government’s mandatory code on retailing. The students’ union on a regular basis also promotes events that are not alcohol-centred.”