A Sheffield student decided to EMPTY her boyfriend's bank account as an act of revenge

It's never nice being ignored but it's even worse when your partner is the main perpetrator.

Wednesday, 10th January 2018, 11:17 am
Updated Wednesday, 10th January 2018, 11:20 am
Sheffield Hallam University

Sadly, this was the exact scenario one Sheffield student found herself in at the start of the New Year.

But, instead of bringing the subject up with her boyfriend or simply complaining to her friends, the student decided to take rather unusual step.

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She decided to log into her boyfriend's bank account and transfer the entire contents until he was 'nicer to her'.

Almost £1,500 was drained from the account with the girlfriend leaving the reference 'I'm a d***' to reinforce her point.

Her revenge plot was shared to Twitter by 20-year-old Sheffield student Harry Loftus and his tweet has now gone viral.

He tweeted: "My mate was ignoring his girlfriend so she took all his money"

The tweet has now been retweeted almost 700 times and liked almost 3,000 times.

Harry confirmed in a later tweet that the boyfriend's money had since been returned and the couple are still happily together, but the joke divided many people on Twitter.

Helena Young said: "It’s not cute to be “psycho” girlfriend. Like if u want attention just ask them to spend more time with u or something or break up at the most extreme."

Dec said: "This is abuse. Imagine it the other way round.

Chloe Harrald said: "I wish I was smart enough to of thought of this x"

Megan Serwaah said: "I think it’s time for him and his girl to take a “break”

Zara Maria‏ said: "What a great idea."