Sheffield student approached by stranger on way home from school

Endcliffe Park
Endcliffe Park

A warning has been issued after a Sheffield student was approached by a stranger in a van on his way home from school.

The Notre Dame High School student was walking past Endcliffe Park after lessons when a man in a van pulled up, said he was called Gary and that the boy's mum had given him permission to pick him up.

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The suspicious boy refused to get into the van and alerted his parents at home, who then reported the incident to South Yorkshire Police.

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In a letter sent to parents, Senior Assistant Headteacher Stuart Scriven said: "The student concerned was very sensible and refused the offer reporting it to his parents at home who then reported it to the police and they are investigating this and there is a police incident number linked to this.

"We will be warning all students about this during form time and at the end of the school day and I am sure you will want to follow this up with your own conversations at home for students who do walk home."

He added: "We have also warned our neighbouring schools about this and are in contact with our community police officer regarding any further follow up to this.

"Please be assured these incidents are extremely rare but as ever students need to be advised about safety when they do occur."

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Head teacher Steve Davies said that the incident it being treated as an isolated case.

"As noted in the letter, the police have been alerted and we do work, as do all schools, with our school liaison officer who keeps us up to date on any issues we need to be aware of.

"In this case, we acted as we always do to make students, parents and other local schools aware of the situation and to ensure that students had received reminders about how to keep themselves safe - stay in groups as far as possible, stick to public areas and, if approached, don’t engage and report ASAP.

"We will of course be keeping a watching brief, listening to students and parents and talking to the police, but as things stand, we are treating this as a one-off incident."