Sheffield streets would be a good testing site

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I was reading somewhere that, in a survey, Nottingham had the worst roads in the country. This is incredible. If people are interested in bad roads they should come to Sheffield.

It’s a fine city – but apart from some newly surfaced streets in certain privileged areas, the roads are a shining monument to municipal neglect.

How Nottingham got that notorious title is a mystery. Nottingham roads – I’ve travelled on them – are like bowling greens compared to the Pen-y-Ghent screes that constitute Sheffield’s.

Elsewhere, road surfaces seem to offer a gratifying docility relative to the beast that stalks the predatory Tarmacs of our city.

My car is now a cacophony of rattles that sound rather like the death throes of an articulated lorry in some breaker’s yard.

It doesn’t take much imagination, in this bedlam of noise and discomfort, to believe that you’re on the Somme inside an early British tank.

In fact, most of our streets would be a good testing site for the durability of Land Rovers.

However, there appears to be a sliver of a silver lining to this black cloud as I understand long-term efforts are being made to rectify the situation but, in the meantime, we’ll just have to grit our teeth and think of England or Yorkshire as our cars lurch over a myriad of patched-up potholes.

G Lawrence

Stumperlowe View, Sheffield