Sheffield street shamed as being the most anti-social in the country

Buchanan Drive - Google Maps
Buchanan Drive - Google Maps
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A Sheffield street has been shamed as being the most anti-social street in the country, according to a recent report.

Using publicly-available police data, research by Hopewiser has found that Buchanan Drive is one of the most notorious hot spots for crime across England and Wales.

The research found that a massive 143 crimes have been reported during the six month period, with 93 per cent of this due to anti-social behaviour.

The study only focuses on residential streets, rather than on main roads with crime hotspots such as nightclubs or bus stops.

Although the research reveals that most of the disorder is categorised as "petty crime", Buchanan Drive still ranks as the fourth most crime-ridden street behind London, Leeds and Manchester.

From July 2016 - December 2016 there were a staggering 133 incidents of Anti-Social Behaviour reported to police.

There were then five incidents of criminal damage, three incidents of violence and sexual offences and one incident of theft.

Buchanan Drive follows Taplin Drive in Manchester with 158 crimes, Heathcroft Rise in Leeds with 161 and Chevy Road in London with 244.

South Yorkshire Police has been approached for comment.