Sheffield Steelers' winger praised 'wicked' line-mate ahead of Cardiff Devils' match

Robert Dowd hopes to see more of the "wicked shot" possessed by his linemate Levi Nelson.

Robert Dowd competes for the puck
Robert Dowd competes for the puck

It was Nelson's stick that connected with one second remaining of last Sunday's game to give his Sheffield Steelers team a win over Nottingham Panthers

Nelson is a big-game player, as Dowd recognises.

"He is one of those players who just comes to play at the right time.

"He plays the game very hard and that's why everybody loves him here.

"He seems to fall on his stick at the right moment.

"He has got a wicked shot and once he gets free he can really pick his spot."

Robert Dowd competes for the puck

Dowd says the team has to work on "couple of lapses" which manifested themselves in the high-scoring Panthers' victory, before they entertain the League champions, Cardiff Devils, on Saturday.

The competition with the Welsh "has turned into a healthy rivalry" he said.

"They are flying off their CHL games right now, so we'll see how that one goes."

The Billingham-born forward thinks Saturday's clash will probably be similar to the Panthers' match.

Robert Dowd competes for the puck

"It'll be a very fast paced game and obviously I hope we come out the right side of it."

Dowd believes this season's team is better placed to mount a grab for Devils' League title.

"I think we are faster, I think you can definitely see that on all lines.

"We have got plenty of speed when we are going. And I think we have upgraded at the back and we are really solid back there.

"The additions of (Joonas) Ronnberg and (Mark) Matheson - they are two great players.

"(Mark) Matheson is fantastic, he has got great hands and patience on the puck.

"He is outstanding, really nice to play with and (Scott) Aarssen as well such a steady strong d-man, who makes the right play at the right place. I think we have picked up some great d-men."