Sheffield Steelers: What we'd give now for a Guillaume Desbiens, Jody Lehman, Ryan Finnerty or Jason Hewitt...true leaders

What a week, not one but two losses to Dundee Stars. Something that is simply unacceptable in Steelerland, no disrespect Dundee...but it is.

Wednesday, 16th January 2019, 1:23 pm
Updated Thursday, 17th January 2019, 2:32 pm
Stefan Della Rovere (right) and goalie Matt Climie, behind, in their last performance for Steelers - a horrible defeat at Dundee Stars Pic by Derek Black

Therefore, I am sure it was no surprise that you learned that the club had made significant changes with the release of Matt Climie, Justin Buzzeo and Stefan Della Rovere.

We have made one new signing and he is due to arrive on Thursday evening in Sheffield, more troops will be arriving shortly.I read the comments Tom made to The Star's Bob Westerdale and agree that everyone should take responsibility the three guys losing their job.

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Matt, Justin and Stefan were three good men. I thank them, I feel for them but at the end of the day I think this is a move that should have happened many weeks ago.

Maybe the injury to Eric Neiley delayed the inevitable.

Anyone new to the Steelers either as a coach, player or a fan should realise that this is a club that doesn’t accept mediocracy.

Look up the roof of the Arena and study those banners.

Matt Climie in goal

They may not be NHL, SHL, AHL or DEL but those banners are for our club in our league. We are proud of every one, we sweat blood and tears for them. This club does know how to win, we’ve made a DNA of it and we will again and soon. You can blame the previous coach, the existing coach, the owner, me or anyone else you like but the day comes when as a man you have to look in the mirror and ask the question “Am I performing and doing the best I can?” In this modern, soft soap world we live, self-accountability not only in sport but in life seems to be disappearing out of the window.

For me I’m fed up hearing all this: “We should be better, we’ve learned a lesson, we will make sure this doesn’t happen again and can you believe our luck”

How about a tad of Guillaume Desbien or Jody Lehman: “Screw this, boys, jump on my back and I’ll lead you through”The player market in North America and Europe is dry, if it wasn’t I think the three leavers might have been 4, 5 or 6. The situation we find ourselves in right now is a new one to us, fighting like dogs to make the play offs.

Did you ever think you would read those words associated to the Steelers? I certainly never thought I’d have to type them. I wrote in the Steelers programme last week that we had become vanilla as a team and as a club as we try and pacify every person in every situation.

We must please this person, this group.

You can’t do that, our club has never done that.

It’s been at it’s best when it’s been in your face and whether you like it or not that is where we have to get back to.

If Lehman had been in this team this year I think he would be in jail for assault and battery. He wouldn’t have accepted where we were.

He wouldn’t have just gone along not upsetting anyone. Nor would Desi, Finnerty, Darling, Sarich, Hewitt and many others. We would have had to rebuild the dressing room several times over after the in-house blood baths that would have happened. This weekend we face the biggest weekend of our year. Normally those big weekends are at Christmas against Nottingham, a Cup final weekend against Cardiff, a play off quarter final v Guildford or the final four weekend in Nottingham.

This year, it is a battle with the last place club Milton Keynes for four points needed to get into the actual play offs. I don’t mean to be disrespectful but I did just type Milton Keynes? I’ve tried to change, be nice to everyone, become the new modern world, non offensive Simmsey.

So, if these words upset you or offend you I’m afraid you'll have to live with it because behind the scenes some of us are working 24/7, committing everything we have and fighting like stray dogs to put this right.

I’d like my Steelers back, please.This weekend in whatever role you play at this club, on or off the ice, in the dressing room or in the stands, just give our club everything you have.

Leave nothing inside, be exhausted when you leave the Arena on Sunday.