Sheffield Steelers ice hockey club sign twins Matt and Ryan Rupert

It's been a while since I have been so excited for the start of a new season, with 16 new faces coming into the club we all should be.

Wednesday, 25th July 2018, 1:22 pm
Updated Wednesday, 25th July 2018, 1:27 pm

I’m one of those who loves the old days and has no problem speaking fondly about them, however I can look forward to tomorrow as well and get excited with huge anticipation for the year ahead.

Since last week we have added the two Rupert brothers. Identical twins in fact.


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Ryan a talented centre and his brother Matt a goal scoring winger. Ryan has the slightly better resume having already played 150 AHL games.

For those eagled eyes of you out there that leaves just two to confirm. Both have been signed, our roster is full. We will have another announcement this week and then our final confirmation early next.

I think our biggest “Name” signing is still to come, well I know it is. That one will complete the D core. The other forward, well he too will boast NHL credentials.

By this time next week we will have confirmed 16 new signings. I can’t remember the last time that happened.

Paul Thompson has worked into the night all the summer. His work ethic and professionalism through the summer has been outstanding.

He knew what he wanted and he hasn’t wavered one little bit. He knew what it would take to challenge Cardiff and he set about a whole new re-build.

Those favourites we all had and still miss played a huge part in our past, but in our heart of hearts we also knew that their time was up and it was time for a new generation.

We will miss them but we thank them and move on. Our attentions and energy should go to this new crew. It’s a blend of youth and experience and I can’t wait.

So over the past few weeks I was also getting excited over the fixture list – yes, that’s how sad I am. I get excited over a schedule. I’m sorry.

On Monday though you could see why, and reading your posts and comments you too got excited.

Every league and cup game at the Fly DSA (Sheffield) Arena. All 25 season ticket games on a weekend date (with the exception of 27th December Vs Nottingham).

All non season ticket games charged at just £5 – yes just £5 and this includes the home opener against Milton Keynes on Saturday 8th September.

It’s a schedule of preferred dates, it’s a schedule of £5 games to help attract new fans and it’s a schedule played at home, at the Fly DSA Arena – our home.

When the Steelers signed their new five-year contract we heard a new name come into the conversation, a chap named Dom Stokes. A boss at SIV (our landlords).

He made lots of promises as many of his previous colleagues had made. He said all the right words, words we had heard hundreds of times before in our 27 year history.

Even those of us cynical and old enough, those who had heard the words before had a sense that this chap was for real and would deliver. We waited though, a little nervously.

Well Dom Stokes delivered his side of the deal, delivered every last drop, a man of his word and I thank him for not letting us down as we have been before.

For the first time in our history we can look forward to a year ahead hand in hand in partnership with the Arena, as it should be, as it always should have been.

Tony Smith and Dom Stokes are leading us into a new era and we should be grateful.

Steelers season tickets can only be purchased up until 31st July. Game tickets can be purchased from the 3rd August. Season ticket holders have until 31st August to reserve their season ticket seats for the six £5 games.

Why wouldn’t you buy a season ticket for this team playing this schedule? It’s going to be an incredible 8 months ahead.

And yes – you haven’t even heard the best bit – that comes on Thursday.You will order your season ticket after then!