Sheffield station billboard brands Clegg and other tuition fees pledge breakers ‘liar liar’

The NUS Liar Liar poster at Sheffield Station
The NUS Liar Liar poster at Sheffield Station
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A billboard branding politicians who broke pledges to scrap university tuition fees ‘liar liar’ has been installed at Sheffield railway station today.

The NUS board is part of a campaign aiming to pressure Nick Clegg and other MPs who voted for an increase in tuition fees despite signing a pledge to stand against it.

NUS president Toni Pearce said: “Nick Clegg and all of the other pledge breakers toured campuses all over the country and made personal promises to students. They signed pledges. They held them up for photo opportunities, and used each as currency for election.

“Students queued to vote for the Lib Dems in 2010 on the sole basis of this pledge. It wasn’t a minor misdemeanour. It was an outright lie. We have an obligation to hold them to account for this, and we will.”

Mr Clegg, who is defending Sheffield Hallam for the Liberal Democrats, said during The Star’s election debate that he accepted the tuition fees rise was ‘very controversial’ and he had apologised ‘musically no less’.

But he said that it was ‘perfectly affordable’ for anyone to go to university under the new system where fees are £9,000 a year.

The NUS has come under fire nationally for its campaign, with some saying it is politically biased.

A Facebook event has since been set up in response to the campaign urging people to troll the NUS by donating to the Liberal Democrats.

The billboards will be on display until May 8, the day after polling day.

Others are installed in London and Manchester.