Sheffield stabbing killer jailed 23 years

Guilty: Daniel Parr, 21, is jailed for 23 years.
Guilty: Daniel Parr, 21, is jailed for 23 years.
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A MURDERER will spend at least 23 years behind bars for the cold-blooded killing of a teenager whom he stabbed four times on a Sheffield street.

Daniel Parr, aged 21, knifed Jamie Stuart as the 19-year-old walked along Holgate Avenue, Parson Cross, on his way home from a birthday party.

The blade pierced the young victim’s heart, and he was left bleeding to death while Parr fled the scene, bragging to pals about the attack.

Judge Roger Keen QC told Parr: “Your behaviour was cold-blooded. You were out that night shirtless, wearing gloves, with a knife locked in the open position in your pocket.

“It was there to be used aggressively if necessary.

“You crossed the road to your victim intending from the start to stab him with it.”

Jailing Parr for life, with the order that he should spend at least 23 years in jail, he added: “You will probably be in prison for many years after the term I have fixed.”

Judge Keen said Parr ‘concocted a pack of lies’ after the killing, claiming he was acting in self-defence.

“You have never shown one shred of remorse,” the judge added.

A jury found Parr guilty of murder by unanimous verdict. He was convicted following a retrial at Sheffield Crown Court, as a first jury failed to reach a verdict in January.

Parr claimed he carried out the attack in July 2011 because Jamie, from Ecclesfield, had been involved in an earlier dispute with his cousin, Connor Jessop.

But Judge Keen said: “Your reasons have not been satisfactorily revealed but I’m satisfied that throughout you know exactly what you were doing.

“You first stabbed Jamie in the leg when he was defenceless and unaware of your presence.

“You then delivered two further stabs to his legs before stabbing him in the chest. All four blows were delivered with your full power, the blade fully penetrating his body.

“At some stage after the first stab he begged for mercy and backed away, but you continued your assault.

“You probably intended to kill him, but on the evidence available I can’t be certain of that.”

The judge said Parr ‘play-acted’ to the jury by pretending to feel ‘shame and regret’, and also plotted revenge against prosecution witnesses while on remand following the first trial.

He called friends from jail, making threats against people who gave evidence against him.

One witness, Corrie Jowitt, was so scared she attempted suicide, and wasn’t well enough to appear at the retrial.

“Your behaviour demonstrates you are dangerous,” Judge Keen said. “You won’t be released until the parole board is sure the witnesses are safe from you.”

Parr, of Broom Close, Rotherham, admitted manslaughter but had denied murder.

He also admitted charges of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, and threatening to take revenge.