Sheffield son’s asbestos fear after work

Glyn Lambert of Archdale Rd, and his ktchen floor
Glyn Lambert of Archdale Rd, and his ktchen floor
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A SHEFFIELD resident is living in fear of asbestos exposure after contractors carried out an unannounced visit to his home.

Glyn Lambert was left without flooring in one room after contractors arrived at his home on Archdale Road, Manor, and ripped up the kitchen tiles without explanation - even lifting his oven from the floor while his dinner was cooking inside.

It was only after Mr Lambert, aged 54, and his mother Pat called Kier, which was working on behalf of property owner Pennine Housing, that they were told the tiles had been removed due to the risk of asbestos.

The news has worried them both, as contractors did not appear to be using specialist protective clothing or equipment.

Mr Lambert, who has a number of medical conditions, is still without a kitchen floor and living in fear his house could be contaminated with the potentially-deadly substance.

Mrs Lambert, also of Sheffield, said: “We only found out about the asbestos because he phoned up to find out when they were coming to replace his tiles. They said it was down on their books as something to do with asbestos.

“Surely it would have required certain clothing? It makes you worry. What if he needs to be moved out of the house?

“They left tread marks all over his house and haven’t cleaned up the stuff they left behind.”

Pennine said the alarm was raised after the tenant requested an inspection relating to kitchen repairs and the inspector picked up the need for tile renewal.

A Pennine Housing spokeswoman said: “Following a request by the tenant for our repairs inspector to visit, a few repairs were identified and ordered.

“One job order raised was to remove and replace the old floor tiles in the kitchen as these tiles can contain a very small, not harmful, trace of asbestos.

“Kier’s asbestos team called and removed the tiles and the floor will be levelled this week before new tiles are laid at a pre-arranged appointment time.

“We will be contacting the tenant to assure them the removal of the tiles poses no risk to health.”