Sheffield singer Richard Hawley backs growing tree campaign as petition date nears

Richard Hawley
Richard Hawley
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Singer Richard Hawley has backed a growing campaign to save 12 trees from being felled by saying: ‘Sheffield is beautiful - let’s keep it that way.’

Campaigners fighting to save the trees on Rustlings Road, which runs alongside Endcliffe Park, are hoping to secure 5,000 signatures by Monday to trigger a debate in Sheffield Town Hall.

Sheffield Council contractor Amey plans to remove them as part of the Streets Ahead highways project, and says they are damaging the road and pavement.

But campaigners say that felling is not necessary and ‘sensitive engineering solutions’ could be used to retain the trees and their many benefits.

Mr Hawley said: “The trees of Sheffield are a gift to us all and a vital asset to the city. “Gifts like this should not be thrown away lightly.

“This city’s individualism comes from its harmony with nature and its inherent industry - the balance between them is precious and should be treasured.

“Please consider carefully before you mess with the delicate fulcrum between the two forces for our present and our descendants’ future.

“Sheffield is beautiful - let’s keep it that way.”

So far, more than 3,100 people have signed the petition.

Paper versions are circulating in the community and an online one has been set up at the website.

Campaigners from group Save Our Rustlings Trees, have met with council chiefs to discuss the fate of the trees on several occasions.

Currently the planned work on Rustlings Road is be ‘paused’ until July, although there is no written guarantee that trees will not be felled before that date.

Visit to sign the petition.