Sheffield singer and X Factor star Lucy Spraggan has Olly Murs foot tattoo REMOVED

Olly Murs tattoo - Lucy Spraggan/InstagramOlly Murs tattoo - Lucy Spraggan/Instagram
Olly Murs tattoo - Lucy Spraggan/Instagram
Former X Factor star Lucy Spraggan is saying goodbye to her Olly Murs tattoo.

The singer got the star's name inked on her right foot in block letters five years ago while she was competing on the singing show.

She posted a video of herself in a tattoo parlour with her foot raised, adding the message: "Saying fare well to my @ollyofficial tatt today . It's been a fun 5 years."

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She did not specify if she was getting the tattoo removed or covered up with another inking.

Spraggan first got the artwork when she was competing on the singing show in 2012 and Murs, who was on the competition in 2009, was hosting spin-off The Xtra Factor.

During a segment on the programme she told Murs: "I met a boy at a festival a few weeks back, I've never met him before, I said to him, 'if you bring 10 people to my gig tomorrow, I'll get your name tattooed on my bum'. He brought them there.

"I tell you what, if you sing a song with me later on, I'll get your name tattooed somewhere on my body."

Spraggan added: "I'll shake on it."

After the pair sang in a pub together, Spraggan was true to her word and got the body art as Murs sat by her side with his arm round her shoulders.

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