Sheffield singer accused of 'blacking up' for Beyonce tribute act is axed from LGBT event

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A Sheffield woman who has bee accused of 'blacking up' for her Beyonce tribute act has been axed from performing at Durham Pride.

Leane Harper, 31, had been booked in to perform alongside acts including Jedward and Amelia Lily at Durham Pride on Monday, May 29.

Howvever, critics revolted and accused her of 'blacking up' with her use of stage make up and fake tan.

The singer, who has been performing as 'Beeyonce' for eight years, also received death threats, according to the Newcastle Chronicle.

After initially stating that Ms Harper continue to perform at the event, without the use of fake, Durham Pride UK announced yesterday that she had been axed from performing.

A Durham Pride UK spokesperson said: "Following concerns and comments raised around a Beyonce tribute act performing this year, we have come to the decision not to include this performance in Durham Pride 2017.

"We have recognised that we need to learn from this, and ensure we hear from the BME community, and strive to make Durham Pride as inclusive and welcoming to everyone in County Durham.

"We apologise unreservedly for any offence caused. We hope we can engage and learn from each other to ensure Durham Pride matches our inclusive vision for the event and County Durham."

The Newcastle Chronicle reported that 'Beeyonce' had received death threats after being scheduled to play with Durham Police confirming that a 20-year-old man had been arrested in connection with this.

A Durham Police spokeswoman said: “A 20-year-old Durham man was arrested on suspicion of making threats to kill following comments made on social media.

“He has since been cautioned for racially aggravated public order.”

Ms Harper told the Chronicle: “Never in all the years have I had anything like this before. I only put on St Tropez tan like I would for a night out,” she said.

“I want to look my best, I never thought of it in that way before. It is heartbreaking to think that people think like that.

“I am a mum, my husband is asking me ‘do I really need to be doing this especially with everything that has happened?’

“But I want to, I want to say no to hatred and take part in pride, I love pride, I love Durham Pride. I have performed there for years.”