Sheffield signs urge Nick Clegg to ‘stop the sale’

action to protect their NHS by residents in Stannington
action to protect their NHS by residents in Stannington
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Signs urging Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to stop the NHS being in a trade deal have gone up in Sheffield.

The Stop the Sale signs were installed in Stannington –part of Mr Clegg’s Sheffield Hallam constituency – yesterday.

They are part of a campaign aiming to get Prime Minister David Cameron to ensure the NHS will be excluded from the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between Europe and America.

Campaign group The People’s NHS says polls show Hallam voters oppose the inclusion of the NHS in the trade deal.

More than 1,200 people have also written to Mr Clegg about the issue – although he has already said the NHS will not be affected in the way that people fear.

Alan Short, from The People’s NHS, said: “The pressure is piling on Nick Clegg to push his Coalition partner David Cameron into either excluding the NHS from TTIP or to use his veto to remove the NHS from this American trade deal.”

The Government argues TTIP will boost the economy and help businesses in this country.

Those in opposition fear it will mean private companies – including those running some NHS services – will sue the Government over perceived unfair treatment or if it returns services to the public sector.

Three protesters demonstrated outside The Star’s Hallam election debate at Bradfield School last week.

During the debate, when quizzed by UKIP candidate Joe Jenkins, Mr Clegg said private investment into the NHS through TTIP ‘would not happen’.

Mr Clegg said yesterday: “I have raised the concerns expressed by some people about the effect of TTIP on the NHS with Cecilia Maelstrom, the EU Trade Commissioner negotiating the deal.

“She has written to me stating clearly that, contrary to reports, the agreement does not require us to open up our public health services to private providers, and I would not support the agreement if it did.”