Sheffield shoppers dismayed at Ikea inquiry call

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News: Local, national and international news 24-hours a day.
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Shoppers say they are fed up of waiting for an Ikea superstore to open in Sheffield - as the owners of Meadowhall press for a public inquiry.

The owners say the issue of the impact on traffic has yet to be addressed satisfactorily - and are raising ‘serious concerns’ in a letter to the Government’s National Planning Casework Unit.

Consultants Deloitte said a public inquiry was the ‘most appropriate forum’ for the issues to be examined.

It comes after the Secretary of State Eric Pickles asked for more time to consider the proposal, to which he must give final approval in order for it to go ahead.

But shopper Kate Leatherbarrow said: “Yes, it will cause congestion, and you won’t get near it the first few weeks.

“But that can be managed. I am just exasperated now with the messing about over this store and wouldn’t be surprised if Ikea gave up and opened at Doncaster instead.”

Di Coupey added: “Ikea brings additional investment and other brands to the city as well as additional shoppers - Meadowhall should worry they’ll be busier, as Ikea is a pull not just locally but regionally and wider.”

Viv Bell said: “It is profits they are worried about.”

But Lynda Henser said she shared the concerns about traffic.

She wrote on The Star’s Facebook page: “It is a nightmare living very close to Meadowhall as it is, with all the traffic, It will be even worse if Ikea get the final go ahead.

“I say build it in another part of the city.”

Sheffield Council approved the plans for Ikea in June.

The £60 million store will be built on the site of the old Tinsley Wire factory, off Sheffield Road.

The store is expected to create 400 full-time and part-time jobs once open, with 80 associated posts and 200 in construction.

But nearby residents have raised fears about the impact on air quality, and planners heard the developmement would ‘undoubtedly’ cause more illness if it went ahead.