Sheffield shop owners to be hauled in front of committee for selling booze to children and 'paying paper boys in cigarettes'

A Sheffield shop owner will face a council committee after selling booze to children and allegedly paying paper boys in cigarettes.

Thursday, 15th December 2016, 8:27 am
Updated Saturday, 17th December 2016, 9:06 am
A&E News on Mansfield Road, Intake

A&E News on Mansfield Road, in Intake, sold cider, wine and lager to South Yorkshire Police volunteers, aged 15 on three occasions in the last 12 months.

In a report submitted to Sheffield Council's licensing committee, South Yorkshire Police also said the shop had been 'paying paper boys in cigarettes'.

A&E News failed its first test purchase on November 4, 2015, just one month after being issued an alcohol licence. A 15-year-old was allowed to buy three cans of Fosters at £4.23.

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On July 2, 2016, the shop sold a £1.69 bottle of Carling peach cider to another 15-year-old. The shop assistant told police she 'had only been here a week' and was due to be fully trained.

The same shop assistant then sold a bottle of £3 red wine to another youngster on September 30.

But owner Nadeem Qadar told The Star the shop has been blighted by anti-social behaviour and is confronted with trouble from youths in the Intake area on a regular basis. He said the allegations of paying paper boys in cigarettes is 'totally wrong'.

In a report sent to Sheffield Council's licensing commitee, Cheryl Topham, from South Yorkshire Police's licensing team said: "There has also been intelligence to suggest staff are selling cigarettes to minors and paying paper boys in cigarettes.

"Many instances of concern by local residents relate to shopping precincts, park areas and other similar hotspots, which suffer from graffiti, criminal damage and threatening behaviour by these young people towards law abiding members of the public.

"The issue of child safety is also raised, in that alcohol acquired by young people illegally is often passed to even younger children."

The report also states the store has been blighted by anti-social behaviour and notes Mr Qadar, contacted police seven times in one year.

Police attended the store on October 3, after £800 worth of items were stolen from the shop which included quantities of alcohol after youths distracted the shop assistant.

When asked about he allegation the shop had been paying paper boys in cigarettes, Mr Qadar said: "That's not true, this is a totally wrong and a false allegation."

On selling booze to children, he said: "We've already made improvements, we are regularly filling in the logbook when we refuse someone service and we are constantly checking IDs.

"The shop working who failed two test purchases is no longer working with us."

The shop passed five test purchases but failed three in a 12 month period. The police submitted a report to Sheffield Council for a licence review on Thursday, December 22.

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