Sheffield secondary school issues warning after pupils' Facebook profiles are HACKED

Forge Valley School
Forge Valley School
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A Sheffield secondary school has warned that a number of students have had their Facebook accounts hacked.

Forge Valley School in Stannington issued a warning on Facebook that hackers have sent 'fake videos' to pupils in an attempt to gain their password.

The video is accompanied with a statement that reads 'your name, it's you' before directing the user to an apparent Youtube video.

When users click on the link, the school warned that it will then ask for their Facebook details.

The secondary school said a number of their pupils have had their accounts hacked after clicking on the video and submitting their passwords.

A Forge Valley School spokesperson said: "We've had reports today from pupils that fake videos are being sent to Facebook members with the phrase "your name, it's you?" and what is to be a link to a YouTube video.

"It appears to come from one of your friends.

"If you click on the link then it will ask for your Facebook details once again. Under no circumstances should you re-enter them.

"This is called phishing and is an attempt to gain control of your Facebook account.

"Pupil's Facebook accounts have been hacked by clicking on the video and submitting passwords.

"If this happens please change your password for Facebook as soon as possible."