Sheffield schoolchildren on television show The Secret Life of Five-Year-Olds

Tiara Dallas-Bacchus who is apppearing in Channel 4's Secret Life of a Five Year Old
Tiara Dallas-Bacchus who is apppearing in Channel 4's Secret Life of a Five Year Old
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Four Sheffield schoolchildren will be the envy of their friends when they appear in a popular television show.

Eva Marriott, from Hackenthorpe and Tiara Dallas-Bacchus, from Darnall, are starring in the fly-on-the-wall programme The Secret Life of Five-Year-Olds.

Eva Marriott

Eva Marriott

The show sees a group of children followed by cameras around a set specially designed classroom rigged up with hidden cameras.

In this series there is a twist as the boys and girls were kept apart for the first half of filming so child psychology experts could see how the opposite sex reacted to different situations.

Lisa Dallas, aged 28, from Darnall, applied for her daughter, Tiara, to be on the show after they both enjoyed watching the last series.

She said: "My daughter is quite confident and outgoing and thought she would love to do it.

The stars of the show

The stars of the show

"She loved being filmed. We went down to London last summer for two weeks to film it in a school."

She said the Carfield Primary School pupil loves to entertain.

"She is always singing and dancing and I knew this would be something she would enjoy," added the NHS worker, who also has a three-week-old son, Lucas.

"I'm sure this will give her a little taste of what life is like in the limelight."

The stars of the show

The stars of the show

Gemma Marriott, 33 said believes daughter Eva, a budding scientist, will provide plenty of entertainment for viewers

She said: "I really enjoyed the previous series of Secret Life and knew Eva would love to take part in the show - she is a chatty, bright and confident little girl who has a really girly side but also believes she can do anything that boys can do.

"She may look tiny and cute but don't be fooled - she can be very feisty and is more than capable of holding her own. She hates anything that she thinks is unfair and isn't afraid to challenge the opinions of others, often with unintentional comedic timing.

The Halfway Infant School pupil is allowed to stay up a little later on Thursday, along with brother Alex, nine, to see herself on television.

Gemma added: "She is very excited to see herself on TV and relive her summer with all her fantastic new friends."

Little Eva and Naomi will be starring alongside two other Sheffield youngsters, Seb Palmer and Naomi Naylor

Episode one of The Secret Life of Five Year Olds will be broadcast on Channel 4 at 8pm on Thursday, February 2.